Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to get started on 3D printing!

                                                            Fantastic Plastic!

3D printing can seem  a bit too... complicated but if you know what your doing it is quite simple!
We currently have a small "Printr Bot Jr."  for only $500 our Trinity labs Aluminatus Pro that will be coming later in the summer will cost a little bit more than this.  
1. You need the printer!
2. some kind of plastic (we use PLA)
3. TIME there is a lot of trial and error in printing
4. A stable Mac/Pc with about 3.0 GHz and 8 gb Ram (Random Access Memory) Intel preferred 
5. SNACKS everybody eats right?
6. Patience + Logic
In this blog we will be showing the progress in our printing adventure!
Test print photos will be in the next post!

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